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Brett E. Farbstein, LEED AP
Livable Planet Solutions, LLC
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Becoming more sustainable or “going green” can be confusing and each of us has our own definition of what it means and what area should be the priority, but whether your goal is to create a non-toxic and natural surroundings, reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint, design and construct a first-class building, or just save money on operation expenses we can help deliver the practical, cost-effective solutions that meet your needs.

Livable Planet Solutions, LLC specializes in offering customized consulting and support services to incorporate sustainable practices in the home, business, special events, and construction projects.

Our clients are homeowners, building and business owners, architects, engineers, contractors, developers, utility companies, municipalities, green product manufacturers and other companies interested in creating business advantages through sustainability. Livable Planet Solutions, LLC maintains strategic associations with a broad network of green professionals including skilled designers, vendor and material supply chain authorities, and other industry experts that add exceptional value to any project.


The word “green” is becoming overused and ubiquitous, but almost everyone agrees that “green” has become associated with an expectation of quality.  I believe the quality doesn’t come from any specific decision, but rather from the commitment to giving thoughtful consideration into each decision making opportunity.  Ultimately, being sustainable makes good sense for our health, our finances, and our outdoors.  You may be just somewhat concerned or completely committed, but remembering of how decisions impacts oneself, others and future livability creates a process that allows for new ideas, beneficial results and eventually will become standard.  Benefits of becoming sustainable or “going green”.


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